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Can we create profound social change simply by changing our approach to housing design and communities?

We believe that housing and neighbourhoods shape communities and that communities are our best and possibly only source for social change.

Montréal ZERO is a multi-disciplinary firm specializing in housing. It brings together architecture, engineering, planning as well as imagination to design net zero energy and autonomous buildings and neighbourhoods that enable vibrant, self-sufficient and sustainable living.

The mission of this Montreal-based firm is to contribute towards making the civilizational transition from status quo to a just and restorative way of life based entirely on renewable resources.

“… Modern man has built a system of production that ravishes nature and a type of society that mutilates man” (Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered. E.F. Schumacher). Can one, however, even hope to change the nature of society or its system of production given that, as a whole, the institutions that give rise to them form a tight and internally consistent web entangling and holding us onto the current course?

We believe that it is indeed possible to create profound social change and that an extremely viable way of accomplishing this is by changing our approach to housing and communities. In other words, by changing the way we live and by harnessing the power of our communities, we can break the extractive, institutional tethers that diminish us and our natural environment. We believe that there is a better alternative to the houses and neighbourhoods being built today, or built over the past several decades, which are highly effective instruments for holding people under living arrangements of dependence and financial servitude.

What We're About

Contribute towards making the civilizational transition from status quo to a just and restorative way of life based entirely on renewable resources.

Have the courage to question accepted practices.

Artificial boundaries abound. Break these boundaries and explore across disciplines to discover comprehensive, integrated, and whole-system design approaches to producing lasting and elegantly frugal solutions with multiple benefits.

Draw inspiration from the genius and frugality of nature as well as vernacular architecture. The former offers extraordinary design solutions honed over 3.8 billion years of rigorous testing. The latter offers precedents of how to make delightful places that respond wonderfully to their environments.

Use natural and human resources as productively as possible.

Strive for compassionate solutions that empower individuals and lift them out of servitude.

Strive for the simplest, as well as the most appropriate, robust and elegant solution to achieving the desired end.

Work as much as possible within the constraints of current perceptions, behaviours and institutions. When this is not an option, challenge these constraints.

Expand the firm’s capabilities to always provide increasingly comprehensive solutions, extending well beyond the typical architectural boundaries.

Integrate the firm’s guiding principles into all its projects.

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Montréal ZERO Launches Experiment in Autonomous Living

Montréal ZERO Launches Experiment in Autonomous Living

Sevag Pogharian  Comments (0)
Montréal ZERO launches a long-term experiment in designing and building an autonomous, off-grid living arrangement.  The site for this initiative is a 42-acre farm in Estrie near Sherbrooke, Québec. The first structure, slated for construction-start this...

Where to Find Us

Our design office is located in beautiful Montréal and our Stornoway Research Centre is located in the charming Town of Stornoway, in Québec's Eastern Townships.  Send us an email or, better yet, give us a call.


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Montréal ZERO:  Stornoway Research Centre

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